Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 17th, 2007

Well today is a good day. Or at least a day when I feel like I have SOME control over what the hell is going on. My first born (3 years old) has taken to dodging naps on a daily basis. A point of frustration for me since I desperately need a break in-between feeding his baby sister who will be 4 months on Friday. I continue to "herd" both my minnows into what could potentially be a schedule. But mostly, I schedule my little runs around both of them. It's a good day if I get in a 5 mile run and a shower. Today I am determined after making cookies for playgroup to show up not smelling from my exercise. The cookies are done, so I am feeling hopeful about that shower I discussed. Wish me luck and Godspeed mommies!