Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now that's what a call a playgroup

Yesterday was playgroup, so I rounded up the kids and headed on over to my friend Gina's for a little socializing. She had the usual staples found at most playgroups such as juice boxes, crackers and cheese sticks. But my favorite was THE BEER! What a mom! It was one of those early spring afternoons, soft white clouds floating on a bright blue canvas of sky. With both my children engaged with their peers, I sipped (ok guzzled) my cold longneck and swapped stories with the other moms. Now, that is what I call a playgroup!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No Good Time Goes Unpunished

After one delayed flight, and some overpriced airport meals, we returned from our jaunt to paradise at the ungodly hour of midnight. I brought back a lovely tan and about 5-7 extra pounds from all the booze and bacon I consumed. The first part of the trip turned out to be a bit tricky. My 10 month old daughter brought a nasty little cold with her, and just for shits and giggles decided to cut her first tooth. So the first 4 days were literally spent "nursing" her back to health. By the 5th day, we were able to dump both offspring in the "kids club" for a little mayhem of our own. We shared our adventures with some good friends who also brought their daughter. It was great, we spent our days lapping up frozen concoctions with dark rum, snorkeling, and swapping stories of parenthood (which explains all the drinking).

Ok, here is the strange part about little islands that were founded by Europeans and still fly under their flag. For instance, the food. Each morning next to the pancakes, and my beloved bacon there was steamed cabbage and baked beans....WTF?! And the men think nothing of letting their gut and "junk" spill out of tiny speedos. At one point, we saw a couple that looked like they swapped suit bottoms. Seriously, you have to admire a guy whose confidence is so strong in his own physic despite the fact that he could double for the wolf man.

We managed to get a sitter for a few evenings and headed into Curacao's capital city, Wilemstad. My hubby (being the good producer that he is) made reservations at the Governors House for dinner. We sat in the most amazing courtyard, with potted mangroves trees, soft candlelight, and a fountain fashioned from a large urn. Drunk on both food and spirits, we made our way to the pontoon bridge. There was a yellow guard house which had a motor to actually MOVE the bridge any time a boat needed to cross the canal. It was a surreal scene, and at one point the bridge actually started to make way for another boat WHILE we were on it!

Perhaps one of my favorite memories would have to be the dolphin encounter. There was an aquarium just a short walk from our resort. It had a shark pool, touch tanks, and a pen containing flamingos with the most vibrant shade of pink that I have ever seen. My son was captivated by the sharks, and a little leery of the dolphin. I am convinced that our dolphin's trainer was having an affair with her. Each time the dolphin came over the be petted, we were not allowed to touch this beautiful animal until he said so. Something about the dolphin's space. Yeah right, a likely story.

Despite a few hiccups we left Curacao renewed and ready to get back into our routine at home.
Now all I need is a vacation from my vacation.