Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The sound of banjos beckons...

So I have had my head up my fannie trying to make "a go" of writing professionally. I would like to say that I work for peanuts, but AT this point I would settle for any legume. The highlight of each day has been spending hours at the pool with my kids. They love the water, and I love how it passes the time and wears everyone out.
I can't lie....I do sometimes long for the days BK (before kids) when it took me 30 seconds to walk out the door with a beverage and a good book under my arm. Today's poolside adventure found me face to face with impostors. Apparently the cast of deliverance had descended upon our little "cement pond". They had what appeared to be 4-6 kids with them, some cigarettes, and sugary drinks and snacks for the youngin'.
They were friendly, but ill-mannered at the same time. Allow me to elaborate...they were quick to greet us with a half-toothed grin, but offered my kids pool toys to their own kin without asking. Every parent knows the rules. If your own offspring makes a break for an abandoned pool noodle, raft or whatever, you always scan the area for the owner. In most cases the owner finds you. Anywho, the afternoon rolled on without incident. I gotta run, I think I hear banjos playing.