Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are you gonna eat your tots?

Yowsers! What a week! An old gal pal of mine taught me the definition of a fair-weathered friend by demonstrating that she was one herself. There are worse things but no one enjoys life's little harsh lessons. Speaking of lessons, we found out that my son got into the local charter school. Confused? This would make the third time that I have had to shop for school supplies for the same kid in under a month. I should start charging for my services.

On my way inside his current school, I passed a large window and spotted Greyson sitting in between two girls chatting and sipping on his milk. There are few things more precious than watching your child develop into an individual, especially when they don't know you are looking.

The lunchroom was a low hum of tiny voices sharing interesting facts such as older siblings, favorite cartoons and unique personal talents. Some things never change. Like how nasty and unappetizing the school lunches appear. The lasagna looked like it was about to make a run for it and back into the can it came out of. EXCEPT for the tater tots. No food makes a deeper emotional connection for me than tater tots and Kool-aid. I had to fight the temptation to snatch them off the trays of each kid around me.

Monday begins a new chapter in our back-to-school adventures. I say, bring it on!