Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Angie 2.0: Why I am Getting the Mirena IUD Removed After Over 6 Years

It's 2007, and I just had my beautiful baby daughter. We decided that our family was complete with two kids, so after my doctor told me that Mirena was a contraceptive that his wife really liked (she's an OB/GYN as well) I went ahead and had it installed. Initially, I experienced mild cramping and some bleeding. But heck, after having a baby just 8 weeks was nothing to get in a twist about.

Two months later, I dropped most of the baby weight (I was breastfeeding so that helped) but started getting pains directly in my ovaries. One vaginal ultrasound later, another doctor at my OB-GYN's office informed me that Mirena can cause minor and harmless ovarian cysts. So, each month instead of getting any sign of bleeding, I would get pains in my ovaries (the cysts), water retention, bloating. You know, everything that you would get with a period. Great, right?

Fast forward 6 years. I have since moved to California and I start getting what I think is my first bladder infection. So, I go to a brand new doctor that knows nothing about me, and I am not sure that he was listening when I did share my history. He runs a battery of tests including the old dip-stick UTI test. All comes back negative. He's ready to put me on overactive bladder medication. WHOA! I suggest that my Mirena is past its five-year-exp date and needs to come out anyways, so let's see if this is the cause.

He seemed very defensive and explained that I was just getting older and this happens (I'm 37.) Fair enough, but's time for this IUD to come out anyways, so let's see what happens. He pushes back and defends my Mirena to the point that I do not want to return.

Fast forward two months later. My "OMG, I have to pee every 5 seconds" symptoms are back and with a little weight gain, the constant ovarian cyst pain, pelvic pressure, weird phantom pain in my titties, constant fatigue, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. All around the time that I usually get my phantom period. Great, right?

But there is a myriad of other crazy ass symptoms. And by crazy, I mean...I've been slowly going mental. I have had trouble sleeping for two years, chronic fatigue in spite of that one night in 30 that I do get some shut eye, depression, and a new auto-immune diagnosis over a year ago. I also have lost all sexual desire. My sex life has mirrored my sleep schedule for some time. I miss having the desire or at least giving a hoot about making whoopie.

The cyst pain has actually gotten worse over the years. Tomorrow, this little plastic piece of shit is done wreaking havoc on my hormones, sex life and bladder. Honestly, I am less disturbed by the drug and more disturbed that physicians are so quick to defend Mirena.

Anyone remember the OTC drug, Nuprin?

Comment and let me know if you have had any issues with Mirena. I plan on posting what it feels like to get it removed, the dreaded Mirena crash, and the welcoming of having a normal menstrual cycle. Well, I am not really looking forward to a visit from Aunt Flo unless she sets my body straight. And I have a hunch that she will.