Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Treadmill Bitch Part Deux

With another cold snap, I was forced to run in the gym. So I park Sage next to me in her stroller, and get to running. Of course, some good friends are in there and we get to talking mid-workout about kids, life etc.. From my left, I see treadmill bitch's mother walking off the pounds. It takes me a few seconds to realize that she is yelling at me for talking over her favorite program on the TV. And she is insistent that I respect other people by not talking while they are watching television. She is enraged, and I suspect that her face is not beet-red from the treadmill. So, I remind her that this is a community gym and that if she needs to watch a TV show so badly that the privacy of her home is the best place. My friend "Sarah" explains that she is not worth the argument. I think we all just wanted her to shut-up at this point. I return to my running this time with my headphones blaring. Eventually she finshes her walking workout and heads out the door. I can't resist wishing her a nice day. With her back to me, she gives me a flick of the wrist....and what's this? The lamest "finger" that I have ever seen. Ladies, if you are going to give someone "the bird" make it count. So I did, I gave her the best "finger" that I have ever given. I mean truck drivers everywhere would be proud. This sends her into yet another rage, this time she is wagging a different finger at me and announcing her age. She pulled the old, "I'm old enough to be your mother, and respect your elders crap." Her grand finale was even better as she yelled, "F**k you, F**k you. As if, I am some young chippie. I am 30 something mother myself with 2 kids, a husband, mortgage, career. Where's my respect?!
Anywho, she ends her tyraid by trying to "file a complaint" with the poor guy that works at the reception desk. Which there is no such thing. God help us all, if we don't whisper while in the gym. Frankly, I think people like her are dangerous. Just like the library redemption, I can't get over why a person would waste such negative energy. It's self-centered people like her that are the real danger to society.