Thursday, June 12, 2008

Me, Myself and Flies

I made a terrible error in judgement last week, when I plucked a pretty white flower from an obliging bush. Apparently, I had made a home for more than the bloom itself. Within two days my kitchen sink was swarming with fruit flies. You know the kind that hover with the deception that you can actually end their lives with the smack of your hands. I have poured every brand of toxic cleansers available to the general public down the drain in the hopes of their extinction, but to no avail. My 11 month old daughter thinks that my "execution" style is a cue to clap her hands to the beat of my frustration. They are true to their menacing nature, and hang out in my bathroom like a group of miscreants. Lately, I have come to think of them as that annoying family member that stays just a day or two longer than they should. Today I have made a decision to take them out....that's right I'm calling an exterminator. They're GOING DOWN!!!