Thursday, April 3, 2008


Ok, so I am a little behind with my blog. I am in the middle of switching careers, so you will just have to forgive my tardiness. A couple of nights ago the hubby came home with amazing seats to the hockey game. After doing the "dance of joy", (am I the only one that still quotes Balki from "Perfect Strangers"?) I get into pack mule mode, making sure that I stuff the wipes case so that it is on the brink of explosion. Also, I want to make sure that I pack the ugliest change of clothes for both my children. Anywho, we get to CNN center and before we are parked my son annouces that he has to go potty. The seriousness of the situation becomes evident as my son squeezes his knees together after being paroled from his car seat. So my hubby and son make a mad dash to the john. Three seconds later I hear my son screaming, "Oh No, Oh's coming"! No worries, remember that pair of ugly highwater pants that I packed? Yup, it's in the bag baby!

Ok, so the worst is behind us right? WRONG! We get to our seats, my daughter Sage eventually falls asleep and my son is captivated by a bird blowing fire and the sound of men slamming against glass. There are t-shirts shooting into the air, soda, and hot dogs. I mean come on, what kid wouldn't love this! A few minutes later my son announces his intention to use the potty. As we begin our climb up the stairs I feel a wet warmth spreading down MY pants leg! WTF?! My son is now screaming and grabbing onto my already wet pant leg. His cries get louder as he realizes the situation. Bless his heart, he really didn't want to piss his pants again. By this time, more than a few people have looked our way. I give them my best MENTOS face, and shrug it off. Luckily, we were ready to call it a night. One argument and 2 homeless people later, we jet back to the house. The drive home is pleasant, and my son is still excited about his "prize". His prize , a cheap mascot magnet, (which I accidentally washed) is clutched in his fist. It's been the topic of conversation for 2 days now. What touches me the most, is the real attachment to this freebie. It's a reminder to him of a fun night out with his family. I too have a prize that I keep cluchted in my heart all day and everywhere I family.