Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Library Redemption

I had a very empowering experience at my local library today. For any mother that has been assualted by rude people that are impatient with ALL children, you will relate and hopefully applaud my action. Ok, so I pile my son and daughter in the car for a little tour de' errands. Our last stop is the library. Upon arriving, we head for the childrens section. I can always count on my son to touch each and every book that looks like it might have a booger or the plague sandwiched between it's pages.I look over to see my daughter trying like hell to pry loose her car seat toy. This is my cue to make my way to the non-fiction section. Within seconds, I am crouched in a narrow aisle locating my title. Of course, I always seem to find a better pick, and with the kids happy I become engrossed in reading the inside covers to each book.

Fast-forward approx 3 minutes. I turn to see an angry woman looming over my stroller. My son is too busy to notice as he thumbs away at his boogered treasure. Silly me, I think she is sane and ask her if I need to move my stroller. "No, she says"! "I am trying to study and your kids are disturbing me". Today of all days, they were both on their best behavior, so I inquired as to why she thought they were loud. Her answer was that the clicking sound that the car seat toy made was breaking her concentration. I don't know what got into me, but anyone that would complain about that shit is just asking for a fight. And I had no trouble delivering. So I ditched my "inside voice", and told her that we had a right to be there just as much as she did, and that if she needed that much concentration she should not go to a PUBLIC library. I wish I could even recall what she said after that, but I just kept calling her crazy and told her to get away from me and my children. As a parent, when your kids are bad they are bad, but when they are good their goodness could light a whole room. And this I will not allow any one person to take away.

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