Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One Runners Perspective On The Boston Marathon Tragedy

The finish line is an emotional place. It’s a place of accomplishment, joy and relief. A place where you scan the crowd seeking familiar faces to share in your triumph.

Following the news of yesterday’s Boston Marathon tragedy, my mind immediately turned to the many children, friends and families that would have been holding handmade poster-board signs scribbled with words of encouragement and drawings.

Keep going. We are proud of you. Be strong and carry on.

I cried. Hard.

But what this evil S.O.B failed to consider after committing this senseless and heartless act, is that runners and their supporters are a resilient breed. We know how to push through agony, emotion and tears. We encourage. We lift up others when they have fallen, and know how to persevere through pain.

To all the victims of The Boston Marathon, their families, first responders, Boston and runners across the world, I offer these poster-board messages:

Keep going. We are proud of you. Be strong and carry on.

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