Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This is Why People Are Homeless in California

If you've ever wondered why California has more homeless people than most states, I've got your answer. You see, Californians are not “out there” because they like to bike 70 miles to work and shit, they are “out there” because they are clueless about what homes should cost to rent or buy. I’m convinced that they are getting their home values from the same people that price sandwiches and neck pillows at the airport.

Except, imagine that instead of just sticker shock, there is a shortage of sandwiches at the airport and passengers are breaking into a fevered frenzy to get their hands on the egg salad and rye-no matter what the cost.

This week, I hired a bouncer to help me secure a place. He’s a very kind real estate agent that was a former police officer. Which brings me to the only silver lining to my situation right now, the people of California. Excuse me, the people that live in Northern California.

They are a fascinating breed with interesting backgrounds and kind souls. Nothing seems to phase them nearly as much as it does me. I recently lost my shit in the parking lot of a Jiffy Lube (I'll do another blog on that later) and the mechanic just blinked, shrugged his shoulders and offered a shoulder to cry on. Thankfully, this is just the kind of crutch that I am gonna need to get through this house hunting hell.

Photo credit: Homeless On Bench by ron mzr">Ron Mzr publicdomainpictures.net

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